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Faculty of Medicine


Studying in Würzburg

You need to have reached the level of B2 (CEFR) in German in order to study or complete a practical placement at the University of Würzburg. The University of Würzburg Language Teaching Centre offers preparatory intensive courses during the months of September and March every academic year. You may also sign up for German classes at a number of levels during term time (please note, however, that you cannot sign up for different CEFR levels simultaneously). Exchange students may participate in language classes free of charge.

To begin with, you need to be nominated and selected by your home institution for a place on the exchange programme with Würzburg. Please contact your local ERASMUS coordinator for further information. Once you have been nominated and selected, you may then apply for admission in Würzburg. Information on application and admission prodcedures in Würzburg are available from the University's International Office website. You may apply for admission online via the International Office (admission application). Application deadlines depend on which semester you aim to begin your period of study in Würzburg:

15 January when starting in the following winter semester (Oct - Mar)
15 June when starting in the following summer semester (Apr - Sep)

We only accept applications from so-called "freemovers" in exceptional cases.

You may earn further ECTS credit points by participating and completing any of the following courses:

Ø  Courses in the "Lehrklinik" teaching clinic

Ø  Courses available online through the Virtual University of Bavaria (VHB) (various medical courses online as well as courses in German as a foreign language for medics)

Ø  Language courses offered by the University Language Teaching Centre (8 ECTS for intensive language courses and 2-5 ECTS for courses during the semester lecture period)

The Paediatrics Department usually offers the opportunity of earning ECTS credits through participating in a number of events or activities. A list of what is on offer is normally available at the beginning of the semester.

Most examinations are set at the end of the lecture period during the semester. Some may be set up to two weeks after the end of the lecture period, however.
Exchange students sit examinations under exactly the same conditions as the local students (i.e. written examinations and without time extensions) .
Should you fail an examination, as an exchange student you would have the opportunity to retake the examination in the following semester . However, if you are only in Würzburg for a single semester, then you may be able to arrange an oral examination as a retake with the lecturer responsible for the course. If you do actually fail an examination and thus fail to complete the course successfully, you will not receive the ECTS credit for that course.
If you fail to attend an examination owing to illness, you must refer to the following information (in German only)

Extending your period of study in Würzburg should not be a problem, as long as your home institution has consented to the extension in writing and you present this document to us.

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Practical placements, clerkships, and rotations in Würzburg

Please direct your requests to complete a clerkship or rotation to the department/institute in which you wish to complete your clerkship/rotation. Wir recommend that you submit as complete an application as possible, including the following information and/or documents:

·         Specialty/Department in which you seek to work

·         Dates

·         Current curriculum vitae / resumé complete with photograph and information on your language skills

·         Letter of recommendation, where applicaable

·         Certificate of matriculation

Specialties/Departments of University Hospital Würzburg (UKW)

Specialties/Departments of the Juliusspital (academic teaching hospital JMU)

Specialties/Departments of the Missonsärztliche Klinik (academic teaching hospital JMU)

Orthopaedics Clinic in the König-Ludwig-Haus (academic teaching hospital)

With respect to students seeking to spend some of their final year of clinical medical school in Würzburg to complete a clinical rotation, capacity restrictions force us to limit the number of students we are able to accept to those of our partner universities. 

Information on the requirements, conditions, and procedure

Students completing training placements, clerkships, or rotations will receive 2 ECTS credit points for each week of training completed (one week = 40 hours).

If you are in Würzburg to study, we recommend you seeking accommodation in one of the student halls of residence run by the "Studentenwerk". A room in a hall of residence is allocated for six months (when staying for one semester) or twelve months (if you are staying for the whole academic year); shorter accommodation contracts are not possible. Students taking an intensive course in German prior to the start of the semester (in March or Spetmeber) can move into the hall of residence one month earlier, thus extending the duration of the rental contract to seven or thirteen months, respectively.

The application deadline for a room in a hall of residence is 15 January for students applying to begin in the following winter semester (Oct - Mar) and 15 June for students applying to begin in the following summer semester (Apr - Sep).

If you are here to complete a placement, clerkship, or rotation, for which the dates do not match with the semester dates, we recommend that you arrange for accommodation privately yourself.

Ø  Tips while searching for accommodation

Please be aware that the demand for student accommodation can at times be extremely great and that it may prove difficult to find accommodation at short notice.

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