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Faculty of Medicine

Partner universities of the Faculty

Through its partnerships with universities around the world, the Faculty of Medicine offers a number of exchange opportunities available specifically to medical students.

Study visits
Study visits of one to two semesters in duration are available to students of the Universidade de São Paulo within the framework of the Faculty's partnership.

Clinical clerkships/electives and placements
Electives and placements are available to students from Israel (Haifa),  Japan (Nagasaki and Hyogo Prefecture), China (Wuhan), Brazil (São Paulo), and Tanzania (Mwanza).

Research visits
Exchange opportunities are available for a research visit to Kanazawa University  in Japan.

Cooperation in biofabrication with University Medical Center Utrecht

The Faculty of Medicine in Würzburg signed a memorandum of understanding with respect to collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht in 2017. A long-standing and close partnership already exists between Würzburg and Utrecht on a number of levels. These include teaching, for example through the integration of both universities into the double master's degree in biofabrication (, as well as research projects, such as the EU consortium project HydroZONES ( This particular focus on biofabrication is to be intensified and will serve as seed for cooperation in other topics. Contact person in Würzburg: Prof. Dr. J. Groll, Department of Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry.

Physician/Doctor exchange

There is a regular exchange of doctors between Würzburg and Mwanza in Tanzania within the framework of clinical and scientific professional training.

Further professional educational exchange opportunities for doctors/physicians are available through an agreement between the School of Dentistry and the Graduate School of Dentistry Osaka University in Japan.