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Faculty of Medicine


As joint venture of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital with the goal of supporting young scientists.

MENTORING med — originally developed as a career platform for young female academics, it has now begun to establish itself as a gender-neutral career programme while continuing to base on a gender-sensitive concept.

Rotating on an annual basis, two variants will be available on the Mentoring med Programme:

MENTORING med PEER as peer mentoring for female and male scientists

MENTORING med ONE to ONE as one-to-one mentoring exclusively for female scientists

Acquire skills, plan your career.

The Career Centre is tasked with supporting all the students of the University of Würzburg in preparing their career.

In order to achieve this goal, we offer you workshops, presentations, advice, and coaching. We also manage a number of projects and cooperate with important partners both within the University and externally.

Make use of the job and career portal CareerLink to search for practical training opportunities, jobs, and part-time work. Use our network to connect with employers. Most importantly: everything on offer is free of charge.

University Career Centre

Teacher and employee mobility supports and strengthens the internationalisation of the University. We therefore encourage our staff to take up guest lectureships and training visits to our partner universities as well as other higher education institutions. Fundamentally, the mobility should be associated with a strengthening of the relationship. Ideally, the visit should lead to perspectives on closer collaboration, such as a new ERASMUS contract for example, the publication of joint research papers, or similar. In the case of non-academic personnel, the idea of mutual "learning from one another" is more the focus of the mobility (e.g. how are colleagues organised and how is the workflow improved in comparison with us? Have you already had experience with reforms that are to be implemented at the University of Würzburg? etc...)


The following mobility programmes are available to university staff in Würzburg wishing to go abroad (a selection):

ERASMUS Teaching- and Staff Mobility

DAAD short and long-term teaching positions (information only in German)

India exchange for teaching staff at the University of Würzburg via the India Centre – please contact them directly

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - German Research Foundation

Johann Gottfried Herder Foundation for retired and emeritus teaching staff (in German only)

Padua exchange for teaching staff at the University of Würzburg*

Caen exchange for teaching staff at the University of Würzburg*

* If you are interested, plases contact Ms Ursula Shahmary: +49 931 31-82663

Mobility for foreign teaching staff coming to the University of Würzburg (selection)

Financial support of foreign visiting teaching staff teaching at German higher education institutions:
Model A (Individual support) und Model B (Guest lectureships) and

"French visiting teaching staff and guest lectureships in support of degree courses with a connection to France"

Indien-Austausch für Dozenten aus Indien an die Uni Würzburg über das Indienzentrum – Bitte dort Kontakt aufnehmen!

Padua-Austausch für Dozenten der Uni Padua nach Würzburg*

Caen-Austausch für Dozenten der Uni Caen nach Würzburg*

ERASMUS Staff and Teaching Mobility: This programme also exists for visits to Würzburg. Plase contact the international office or department of your home institution for further details, as the formalities and funding are set by the home institution.

Further databases that may be of interest to you:

EU - search for funding on Europa

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