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Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry

Quali Pa

Quality Assurance of Invasive Measures for Treatment of Parkinson Patients in Clinical Routine in Germany

Management: Prof. Jens Volkmann, Prof. Peter Heuschmann
Coordination: Dr. Philipp Capetian, Dr. Kirsten Haas
Project members: neurological clinics in Germany
Project funding: Deutschen Parkinson Gesellschaft e.V. (DPG e.V.)
Status: ongoing; recruiting since July 2016

The idiopathic Parkinson’s syndrome is one of the most frequent neurological diseases in higher age. It is characterized by an advancing neurodegenerative course of disease. For some years now, there are a number of new therapeutic options for the treatment of the Parkinson’s disease which are able to postpone long-term complications. These include innovative invasive treatment methods such as intrajejunal infusion therapy L-Dopa for the treatment of Morbus Parkinson, continuous subcutaneous pump application of apomorphine as well as deep brain stimulation at an advanced stage of Morbus Parkinson. at selected indication
These invasive therapeutic methods are technically complex and require a high level of expertise. However, these therapeutic methods are not part of an established quality assurance program yet. So the project intends to establish sustainable structures in order to ensure a high quality treatment for patients with Parkinson’s syndrome treated by one of the innovative invasive treatment methods in Germany.
In particular, the aims of the project are:

1.    Developing standardized evidence-based quality indicators to measure performance of hospitals providing invasive treatment methods in routine care
2.    Establishing sustainable structures to document the quality of treatment for invasive therapy methods
3.    Implementing regular benchmarking activities and comparing quality of care in clinical practice between the participating institutions

These quality assurance measures are developed for each invasive method separately in cooperation with the hospitals providing the therapeutic option.

The QualiPa Register was presented:

  • 3. Workshop AG Tiefe Hirnstimulation - Bad Homburg 20.11.2015:Register: Ziele und Inhalte - Qualitätssicherung innovativer invasiver Verfahren zur Therapie von Parkinsonpatienten in der klinischen Routine in Deutschland - Tiefe Hirnstimulation (QualiPa-THS)
  • 89. Kongress der DGN – Mannheim 21.09.2016: Qualitätssicherung in der Versorgung von Parkinsonpatienten mit Tiefer Hirnstimulation
  • Internationalen 1. DBS Summit – Würzburg 02.12.2016: German quality register for DBS