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Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry

HIGHmed Module

The HiGHmed teaching and learning program for medical informatics

HiGHmed develops innovative e-learning modules from excellent academic and private partners. The HiGHmed consortium brings together outstanding competencies in teaching and training in medical informatics. The program is aimed at students and employees of the institutions involved in the HiGHmed project. Depending on the modules, these teaching modules are aimed at Bachelor or Master students or at beginners or advanced students in the subject area of ​​the corresponding modules.

The digitalization of medicine and the development and use of new information technologies create new, exciting fields of activity, such as B. the role of the data steward. In order to guarantee the qualified handling of medical care and research data, an implementation of new learning modules is required. The training of doctors in dealing with data-controlled research methods, the further training of medical specialists and health management to link IT and medicine are already of great importance.

Digital skills are needed for the digitalization of medicine! The demands on the management and analysis of research data in medicine by science and funding agencies are increasing. In the HiGHmed consortium, this development is countered with a central program for strengthening medical informatics competencies in training and further education for various specialist disciplines in the healthcare sector.

All modules can be found here.

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