AG Flentje

Michael Flentje: Precision Radiotherapy


We have used technical developments in treatment planning and on site imaging to develop protocols in precision radiotherapy especially for lung cancer and prostate cancer. Both dose escalation resulting in better tumor control and better dose shaping resulting in better treatment tolerance are being pursued. Main efforts concentrate on Extracranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Integrated Boost concepts.

Robotic guidance of the treatment process as well as integration of advanced functional imaging (Bold MRI and hypoxic Pet Tracers) is the current focus of our work.

Selected Publications

Holubyev K, Gainey M, Bratengeier K, Polat B, Flentje M  Generation of prostate IMAT plans adaptable to the inter-fractional changes of patient geometry. Phys Med Biol. 2014; 59(8):1947-1962

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