This program focuses on the development and clinical translation of T cell-engaging therapies and ranges from preclinical research and early clinical development to international registration trials chaired by investigators from the CCC MF. The clinically most advanced translational project from the program focuses on the development of T cell-engaging antibodies (BiTE: Bispecific T Cell Engager). Currently, the CCC MF is running seven clinical BiTE trials, including important solid tumor entities such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer as well as pediatric oncology.

The clinical trial program with BiTEs in solid and hematological tumors is complemented by research projects focusing on the identification of mechanisms of immune escape and novel targets. Projects related to the BiTE program focus on CARs (chimeric antigen receptors), adoptive T cell therapies, stem cell transplantation and tumor vaccination.

Program coordinator: Hermann Einsele