AG Gaubatz

Stefan Gaubatz: Transcription Regulation of the Cell Cycle


Our research focuses on the molecular function of the MuvB multiprotein complexes and its target genes. MuvB together with the B-MYB transcription factor act as master activators of genes required for mitosis during the cell cycle.  We use biochemical and genetic methods to understand how B-MYB-MuvB contributes to normal proliferation, development and tumorigenesis. We also study the crosstalk betwen MuvB and the Hippo/ YAP signaling pathway in cancer and cell cycle regulation.

Recent Publications

Gründl M, Walz S, Hauf L, Schwab M, Werner KM, Spahr S, Schulte C, Maric HM, Ade CP, Gaubatz S (2020) Interaction of YAP with the Myb-MuvB (MMB) complex defines a transcriptional program to promote the proliferation of cardiomyocytes. PLOS Genet 16, e1008818

Pattschull G, Walz S, Gründl M, Schwab M, Rühl E, Baluapuri A, Cindric-Vranesic A, Kneitz S, Wolf E, Ade CP, Rosenwald A, Eyss von B, Gaubatz S (2019) The Myb-MuvB complex is required for YAP-dependent transcription of mitotic genes. Cell Rep 27:3533-3546

Stopp S, Gründl M, Fackler M, Malkmus J, Leone M, Naumann R, Frantz S, Wolf E, Eyss von B, Engel FB, Gaubatz S (2017) Deletion of Gas2l3 in mice leads to specific defects in cardiomyocyte cytokinesis during development. PNAS 114: 8029–8034

Iltzsche F, Simon K, Stopp S, Pattschull G, Francke S, Wolter P, Hauser S, Murphy DJ, García P, Rosenwald A, Gaubatz S (2017) An important role for Myb-MuvB and its target gene KIF23 in a mouse model of lung adenocarcinoma. Oncogene 36: 110–121