Interdisciplinary Unit for Precision Oncology

Since 2014, we have developed a comprehensive personalized oncology program which currently covers common solid tumors, hemato-oncology, pediatric oncology, and rare cancers. Our interdisciplinary unit for personalized oncology (UPO), integrates the expertise of genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, pathology, bioinformatics, IT & documentation, and clinical oncology. Besides standardized pan-cancer gene panels, which are applied for all cancer entities, the center developed its own customized disease- and treatment-specific sequencing panels for melanoma, myeloma, head & neck cancer, brain tumors, GI-cancers, breast cancer, rare cancers and immuno-oncology.

The UPO encompasses several translational cancer projects, which analyze molecular tumor characteristics in different tumor entities. The aim of all projects is the identification of tumor- and individual-specific alterations, which explain tumor characteristics or are predictive for the response to available therapy options. This provides the prerequisite to enable optimized medication, e.g. by including the patients into suitable clinical studies.

The involved teams are closely linked to the Molecular Tumorboard, the Early Clinical Trial Unit and the Interdisciplinary Study Center.

Program coordinators:
Andreas Rosenwald,
Svenja Meierjohann,
Bastian Schilling,
Ralf Bargou