AG Bratengeier

Klaus Bratengeier: Adaptive Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (AIMRT)


Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and its dynamic counterpart, Intensity modulated arc therapy (IMAT), both highly conformal photon techniques, provide the best sparing of the healthy tissue. The interlocking segments from different directions can be regarded as a complex computer assisted three-dimensional puzzle. No single segment can be changed without considering the interdependence with other segments. On the other hand, the dose distributions - tightly tailored to the tumor - are most sensitive to inter-fractional anatomical changes such as delocalization and reshaping. The AIMRT group invents and explores methods to adapt highly complex IMRT and IMAT techniques to the daily target.

Selected Publications

Greber, J, Polat, B, Flentje, M, Bratengeier, K. Properties of the anisotropy of dose contributions: A planning study on prostate cases. Med Phys 2019; 46:419-425.

Bratengeier K, Holubyev K 2016: Anisotropy of dose contributions-An instrument to upgrade real time IMRT and VMAT adaptation?, Med Phys 43, 5826-34 

Holubyev K, Gainey M, Bratengeier K, Polat B and Flentje M 2014: Generation of prostate IMAT plans adaptable to the inter-fractional changes of patient geometry. Phys Med Biol 59 1947-62.

Holubyev K, Bratengeier K, Gainey M, Polat B and Flentje M 2013: Towards automated on-line adaptation of 2-Step IMRT plans: QUASIMODO phantom and prostate cancer cases. Radiat Oncol 8 263.

Bratengeier K, Oechsner M and Gainey M 2012: Methods for monitor-unit-preserving adaptation of intensity modulated arc therapy techniques to the daily target - A simple comparison. Med Phys 39 713-20.