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    AG Schirbel

    Andreas Schirbel: Theranostics

    Our group aims to develop and establish theranostic radiopharmaceuticals for personalized endoradiotherapy. We already established several theranostic pairs:

    1. [68Ga/177Lu]DOTATOC targeting neuroendocrine tumours
    2. [68Ga/177Lu]PSMA I&T targeting prostate carcinoma
    3. [68Ga/177Lu/90Y]CXCR4 targeting chemokine expressing tumours
    4. [123/131I]Iodometomidate targeting adrenocortical carcinoma
    5. [123/131I]IMAZA targeting adrenocortical carcinoma

    All therapies provide efficacious treatment and only few adverse effects are observed. The preparation of clinical trials and the development of further theranostic pairs is subject of our ongoing research. The next theranostic pair introduced into the clinic will be an [68Ga/177Lu/90Y]-labelled inhibitor of the fibroblast activation protein (FAP), which is of interest in e.g. breast and pancreatic cancer.

    Recent Publications (extract)

    Werner R.A., Weich A., Higuchi T., Schmid J.S., Schirbel A., Lassmann M., Wild V., Rudelius M., Kudlich T., Herrmann K., Scheurlen M., Buck A.K., Kropf S., Wester H.J., Lapa C.; Imaging of Chemokine Receptor 4 Expression in Neuroendocrine Tumors - a Triple Tracer Comparative Approach. Theranostics 7 (2017) 1489-1498.

    Lapa C., Herrmann K., Schirbel A., Hänscheid H., Lückerath K., Schottelius M., Kircher M., Werner R.A., Schreder M., Samnick S., Kropf S., Knop S., Buck A.K., Einsele H., Wester H.J., Kortüm K.M.; CXCR4-directed endoradiotherapy induces high response rates in extramedullary relapsed Multiple Myeloma. Theranostics 7 (2017) 1589-1597.

    Schottelius M., Osl T., Poschenrieder A., Hoffmann F., Beykan S., Hänscheid H., Schirbel A., Buck A.K., Kropf S., Schwaiger M., Keller U., Lassmann M., Wester H.J.; [177Lu]pentixather: Comprehensive Preclinical Characterization of a First CXCR4-directed Endoradiotherapeutic Agent. Theranostics 7 (2017) 2350-2362.