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    AG Beilhack

    Andreas Beilhack: Experimental Stem Cell Transplantation


    Our group investigates how the immune system distinguishes between friend and foe. We focus on dynamic immune cell interactions after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation, an often curative but also risk-associated therapy for many malignancies. In preclinical models we explore anti-tumor mechanisms (DFG FOR1586, SPP 2084, FOR2314), graft-versus-host disease (DFG TRR221, José Carreras-Stiftung) and graft-versus-infection mechanisms (DFG TRR 124) exerted by allogeneic immune cell subpopulations. To gain better insights into these complex immune processes we employ state-of-the-art imaging techniques and advanced tissue models (DFG TRR225, RTG2157) with the ultimate goal to translate our findings into improved diagnostics and therapies. Based on our research findings in multiple myeloma and solid tumors we are currently advancing a new cancer immunotherapy approach to the clinics. This pioneering work has been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce from the State of Bavaria. Prof. Beilhack together with Prof. Harald Wajant have received the m4-Award to develop a new cancer immunotherapy concept for patients.

    Recent Publications

    Ullrich E, Abendroth B, Rothamer J, Huber C, Büttner-Herold M, Kitowski V, Vogler T, Longerich T, Zundler S, Völkl S, Beilhack A, Rose-John S, Wirtz S, Weber GF, Ghimire S, Kreutz M, Holler E, Mackensen A, Neurath MF, Hildner K. (2018 ). BATF-dependent IL-7RhiGM-CSF+ T cells control intestinal graft-versus-host disease. J Clin Invest 128(3):916-930.

    Solimando AG, Brandl A, Mattenheimer K, Graf C, Ritz M, Ruckdeschel A, Stühmer T, Mokhtari Z, Rudelius M, Dotterweich J, Bittrich M, Desanti V, Ebert R, Trerotoli P, Frassanito MA, Rosenwald A, Vacca A, Einsele H, Jakob F, Beilhack A. (2018). JAM-A as a prognostic factor and new therapeutic target in multiple myeloma. Leukemia 32(3):736-743. 

    Rudelius M, Rosenfeldt MT, Leich E, Rauert-Wunderlich H, Solimando AG, Beilhack A, Ott G, Rosenwald A. (2017). Inhibition of focal adhesion kinase overcomes resistance of mantle cell lymphoma to ibrutinib in the bone marrow micro-environment. Haematologica 103(1):116-125.

    Klein-Hessling S, Muhammad K, Pusch T, Klein M, Rudolf R, Flöter J, Qureischi M, Beilhack A, Vaeth M, Kummerow C, Backes C, Schoppmeyer R, Hahn U, Hoth M, Bopp T, Berberich-Siebelt F, Patra A, Avots A, Müller N, Schulze A, Serfling E. (2017). NFATc1 controls the cytotoxicity of CD8+ T cells at multiple levels. Nature Communications 8:511.

    Müller E, Bauer S, Stühmer T, Mottok A, Scholz CJ, Steinbrunn T, Brünnert D, Brandl A, Schraud H, Kreßmann S, Beilhack A, Rosenwald A, Bargou RC, Chatterjee M. (2017). Pan-Raf co-operates with PI3K-dependent signalling and critically contributes to myeloma cell survival independently of mutated RAS. Leukemia 31:922-933.

    Chopra M, Biehl M, Steinfatt T, Brandl A, Kums J, Amich J, Vaeth M, Kuen J, Holtappels R, Podlech J, Mottok A, Kraus S, Jordán Garrote AL, Bäuerlein CA, Brede C, Ribecchini E, Fick A, Seher A, Polz J, Ottmüller K, Baker J, Nishikii H, Ritz M, Mattenheimer K, Schwinn S, Winter T, Schäfer V, Krappmann S, Einsele H, Mueller TD, Reddehase MJ, Lutz MB, Männel DN, Berberich-Siebelt F, Wajant H, Beilhack A. (2016). Exogenous TNFR2 activation protects from acute GvHD by induction of host Treg expansion. J Exp Med 213:1881–1900.

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