AG Eilers

Martin Eilers: Cell Proliferation


Our group is interested in how cell proliferation and cell growth are deregulated in human tumors. We focus our studies on the Myc gene family: those are proto-oncogenes that drive the growth of many human tumors. They encode transcription factors that regulate genes involved in cell proliferation, cell growth and metabolism. Our group studies the function of new proteins and tries to find ways to target them for tumor therapy.

Selected Publications

Papadopoulos D, Solvie D, Baluapuri A, Endres, T, Ha S., Herold S, Kalb J, Giansanti C, Schülein-Völk C, Ade CP, Schneider C, Gaballa A, Vos S, Fischer U, Dobbelstein M, Wolf E., Eilers M (2021) MYCN recruits the nuclear exosome complex to RNA polymerase II to prevent transcription‑replication conflicts. Mol Cell

Roeschert I, Poon E, Henssen AG, Garcia HD, Gatti M, Giansanti C, Jamin Y, Ade CP, Gallant P, Schulein-Volk C, Beli P, Richards M, Rosenfeldt M, Altmeyer M, Anderson J, Eggert A, Dobbelstein M, Bayliss R, Chesler* L, Buchel* G, Eilers* M (2021) Combined inhibition of Aurora-A and ATR kinase results in regression of MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma. Nat Cancer 2: 312-326 *corresponding authors

Krenz B, Gebhardt-Wolf A, Ade CP, Gaballa A, Roehrig F, Vendelova E, Baluapuri A, Eilers U, Gallant P, D'Artista L, Wiegering A, Gasteiger G, Rosenfeldt MT, Bauer S, Zender L, Wolf E, Eilers M (2021) MYC- and MIZ1-Dependent Vesicular Transport of Double-Strand RNA Controls Immune Evasion in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Cancer Res 81: 4242-4256

Endres T, Solvie D, Heidelberger JB, Andrioletti V, Baluapuri A, Ade CP, Muhar M, Eilers U, Vos SM, Cramer P, Zuber J, Beli P, Popov N, Wolf E, Gallant P, Eilers M (2021) Ubiquitylation of MYC couples transcription elongation with double-strand break repair at active promoters. Mol Cell 81: 830-844 e13

Herold S, Kalb J, Buchel G, Ade CP, Baluapuri A, Xu J, Koster J, Solvie D, Carstensen A, Klotz C, Rodewald S, Schulein-Volk C, Dobbelstein M, Wolf E, Molenaar J, Versteeg R, Walz S, Eilers M (2019) Recruitment of BRCA1 limits MYCN-driven accumulation of stalled RNA polymerase. Nature 567: 545-549