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The selective dependency of tumor cells on signaling pathways, oncogenes and critical downstream effectors opens a promising window for the identification of novel therapeutic targets. RNA interference can be used to induce a gene-specific loss-of-function phenotype allowing a quick determination of these genes relevance for cell proliferation and survival. Recently, we established a high-throughput method to screen large pools of shRNAs, targeting the whole genome or functional groups of genes, in a wide range of cells in vitro. Cells are infected with pooled lentiviral shRNAs and cultured in the presence or absence of a selective pressure. shRNAs that negatively affect the growth and/or survival of the cells will be depleted in the cell population and vice versa. These changes in frequency are precisely measured by a combination of next generation sequencing and a data analysis pipeline that was specifically set-up for this purpose. We successfully applied this screening technology to a range of different projects including “synthetic lethality” screens, negative selection screens and positive selection (“rescue”) screens.


Recent Publications

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