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AG Bumm

Thomas Bumm: Next Generation Antibody Therapy


Therapeutic antibodies against cancer dominate one of the fastest growing fields of modern drug discovery. All current antibodies address a single target antigen. Because of tumour-specific antigens do not exist, these targets frequently represent differentiation antigens, shared by normal and malignant cells and whose engagement often entails serious side effects.
Our research team is working with a novel antibody based bimolecular pro-drug approach, redirecting CD3 positive T lymphocytes for cancer cell destruction by addressing the combination of two antigens. We plan to further develop next generation antibody therapy in close collaboration with other CCC-Mainfranken research groups for various malignant entities

Recent Publications

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Bumm T, Deininger J, Newell AH, Lawce H, Olson S, Mauro M, Druker B, Deininger M. Clonal chromosomal abnormalities in CD34+/CD38- hematopoietic cells from cytogenetically normal chronic myeloid leukemia patients with a complete cytogenetic response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. 2010. Leukemia. 24(8):1525-8.

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