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Cancer Research

AG Polat

Bülent Polat: Response prediction / Prognostic biomarkers


Identification of predictive biomarkers for individual radiosensitivity is  studied in different cancer entities. We are looking for markers which correlate with prognosis and tumor response or which can predict radiation induced toxicities in normal tissues. The gamma-H2AX assay for detection of induced DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) and the micronucleus formation assay are classical methods to evaluate radiation induced cellular damage. Beyond this, the soluble plasma-biomarker osteopontin (OPN) and its ligands (CD44 and various integrin-receptors) have been shown to be overexpressed in patients with poor outcome. Understanding OPN signaling could therefore be a promising target for novel cancer therapies.

Selected Publications

Djuzenova CS, Zimmermann M, Katzer A, Fiedler V, Distel LV, Gasser M, Waaga-Gasser AM, Flentje M, Polat B: A prospective study on histone gamma-H2AX and 53BP1 foci expression in rectal carcinoma patients: correlation with radiation therapy-induced outcome. BMC cancer 2015, 15(1):856.

Wohlleben G, Scherzad A, Guttler A, Vordermark D, Kuger S, Flentje M, Polat B: Influence of hypoxia and irradiation on osteopontin expression in head and neck cancer and glioblastoma cell lines. Radiat Oncol 2015, 10:167.

Kroeber J, Wenger B, Schwegler M, Daniel C, Schmidt M, Djuzenova CS, Polat B, Flentje M, Fietkau R, Distel LV: Distinct increased outliers among 136 rectal cancer patients assessed by gammaH2AX. Radiat Oncol 2015, 10(1):344.

Djuzenova CS, Elsner I, Katzer A, Worschech E, Distel LV, Flentje M, Polat B: Radiosensitivity in breast cancer assessed by the histone gamma-H2AX and 53BP1 foci. Radiat Oncol 2013, 8:98.

Polat B, Wohlleben G, Katzer A, Djuzenova CS, Technau A, Flentje M: Influence of osteopontin silencing on survival and migration of lung cancer cells. Strahlenther Onkol 2013, 189(1):62-67.

Hahne JC, Meyer SR, Kranke P, Dietl J, Guckenberger M, Polat B, Honig A: Studies on the role of osteopontin-1 in endometrial cancer cell lines. Strahlenther Onkol 2013, 189(12):1040-1048.