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Cancer Research

Mouse Tumor Models and Imaging

Virtually all mouse experiments are carried out at the Center for Experimental Molecular Medicine (ZEMM) immediately adjacent to the CCC MF research building. The CCC MF has established various mouse models of major solid and hematopoietic tumors. In addition to multiple xenograft models, genetically engineered mouse models are available for lung tumors, colorectal cancer, melanoma, myeloma, and pancreatic carcinoma.

Researchers of the CCC MF are constantly improving existing models to better reflect various human malignancies. These efforts are undertaken at various research sites in Wuerzburg.

The unit on mouse tumor models is complemented by cutting-edge in vivo imaging technologies and has established a small animal PET imaging unit. This core unit offers preclinical imaging to all members of the CCC MF using state-of-the-art technology.

Additional capacity for in vivo imaging was recently established at the CCC MF department at the Biocenter, which enables researchers to visualize real time tumour growth in transplant as well as genetic tumour models.

Furthermore, a unit for transgenic and knockout mouse technologies is well-established.