Fachschaftsinitiative Biomedizin


Bundesfachschaftentagung - Networking in Biomedical Science

The “Bundesfachschaftentagung” or BuFaTa is a community comprising most of the biomedical Bachelor and Masters programs from Germany, a network for students and young scientists. The BuFaTa meetings are held twice a year: One takes place during the Students' Symposium in spring and the other one during the autumn symposium.

The BuFaTa provides a platform to organize scientific events such as conferences, symposia and lectures. It connects students as well as their degree programs from all over Germany and it facilitates exchange of information between these programs.

Here, we are making an approach to deepen the collaboration between various universities and local biomedical student councils, creating an influential network that is capable of representing the biomedical students' interests. The first step increase the range of influence of the BuFaTa is to increase the attendance at the meetings. Furthermore, we want to intensify the coordination between our universities.

Thus, we encourage everyone attending the symposium to seize the opportunity to join our network at the BuFaTa meeting on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there!