Fachschaftsinitiative Biomedizin


Biomedical Students' Symposium

Every year, several symposia are held in different cities all over Germany, organized by the federal student body of molecular medicine. This series of symposia is dedicated to the transfer of insights from molecular biology to the understanding of complex biological systems and up to applications in industry and clinical medicine. Every uni-versity hosting the Biomedical Students’ Symposium sets individual priorities regarding the scientific program and the selection of speakers. This results in a rich and varied cull of topics which reflects the university's research focus.

These events are primarily organized for students and young researchers to gain insight into various research areas in biomedical science. You will have the opportunity to connect with other students and associate yourself with a far-reaching network of scientists. Join us and your fellow students for the next symposia in spring and autumn 2019.

Keen for Symposia?

Science is about creating new ideas and developing new techniques. It is about exchange of information and transfer of knowledge. It is about the competition of ideas.

Join us and benefit from future scientific events by getting involved in exciting conversations about biomedical research. You will be given the opportunity to take an active part yourself. Apart from meeting leading scientists, you are able to get to know other students from all over Germany.

There will be two independent symposia in Tübingen and Ulm in spring 2019.

Tübingen: 31th May to 2nd June 2019

Ulm: 5th May 2019


13th Biomedical Students' Symposium 2018 in Würzburg

Facts & Figures

We were very happy to welcome 183 students to our symposium! We want to thank all participants and everyone who helped to make this symposium run smoothly. Below, you can find information on what kind of students participated.