Translational Neuroscience

Focus of the Sideline Studies

Besides the Master of Science degree, students of Human Medicine can acquire a Certificate of Translational Neuroscience.

This offer addresses specifically students involved in Human Medicine in the clinical phase, who want to acquire research competences in the field of neurosciences. After graduation in Human Medicine, the qualifications achieved within our framework of a course-related study program can be extended to the Master of Science (Translational Neuroscience).

Thus, young physicians will be optimally trained to work as a clinician scientist.

The schedule for the sideline studies is derived from the general schedule of the MSc "Translational Neuroscience". Students can choose which module of the respective semester will be conducted. Therefore, modules of the 1st semester of the MSc will be "distributed" in the 1st and 3rd semester of the sideline studies. As the compulsory modules consist of a lecture and the respective seminar, both have to be taken within the same semester.

Please find further details about the schedule for each semester here.