Translational Neuroscience

Elite Graduate Program

The Elite Graduate Program Translational Neuroscience

The Elite Graduate Program Translational Neuroscience is a research-oriented, interdisciplinary training program at the Faculty of Medicine that qualifies its students to effectively address the challenges in neurosciences.

The Elite Graduate Program is based on grown synergies between basic research and clinical practice including neurobiologists, neuroanatomists, neurophysiologists, neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists from the Faculties of Medicine and the Faculty of Human Sciences at the University of Würzburg.

Our students are trained (in English language) to develop creative ideas and methodological approaches essential for novel breakthroughs in diagnostic and therapeutic developments. Thus, molecular principles and modular concept development in experimental and clinical research are focused on in the Elite Graduate Program. Moreover, self-dependence and individual responsibility in scientific practice are conveyed to enable the students to fulfil the requirements in scientific society and careers in the international context.