Translational Neuroscience


Prof. Dr. med. Heike Rittner

Research focus

Our research group focuses on peripheral mechanisms of inflammatory and neuropathic pain. We are interested in the blood-nerve barrier as well as peripheral neuroplasticity after plexus injury. We study their role in the pathophysiology of (neuropathic) pain and – translationally – in a rare disease named complex regional pain syndrome and after traumatic plexus injury. In our just granted clinical research group (KFO5001) we will decipher factors governing pain resolution – often independent nerve regeneration. Here, we will conduct longitudinal studies in patients and identify targets in basic sciences to improve diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic pain states to foster resolution. A second major clinical focus is research in health services in chronic pain including multimodal pain therapy (pain2020), preventing chronification of postsurgical pain (POETpain) and long-term outcome of postsurgical pain services (LOPSTER).

contact: rittner_h@ukw.de