Translational Neuroscience

Online Application

Application procedure

The application platform will be open only from January 15 to March 15

Important hints regarding the use of the application platform:

  1. After creating a user account the applicant has permission to log in until 15 March to assemble and modify the application in as many steps as needed. After final submission, no further change is possible. Therefore: The "Save" button frequently secures your current progress while compiling the application. "Save and Submit" should only be used for the final version. 

2. A help text with additional information is provided for almost any required field that has to be filled in. Reading the help text will answer 99% of the questions that might come up.

3. The applicant will have to upload scans/fotos (.pdf or .jpg) of the following documents:

          a) School leaving certificate (mandatory)

          b) BSc Diploma (if already available)

          c) BSc transcripts (mandatory), including the part in which grading is explained.

          d) If applicable, certicates/transcipts of any other academic degrees

          e) Language certificate (if available)

4. In case of technical questions regarding the application platform, which cannot be answered by reading the help text, please contact  uwgs-it@uni-wuerzburg.de.

5. In case of questions regarding the content of the application, please refer to studium.translneurosci@uni-wuerzburg.de.

Before considering application

Please read the essential qualifications carefully to check if you meet the criteria.