Translational Neuroscience

Recognition of achievements

If you change your course of study or if you are willing to apply for a double degree course, some of your completed modules can be considered for your new degree program. Under certain circumstances, the credit transfer can  also be made by ex officio. According to ASPO §14 (version 2007) or §17 (version 2009) or §18 (version 2015), such recognition entails a classification into a higher subject semester according to the recognized achievements.

At best, a change to a similar degree program can automatically be allowed.  Nevertheless, a double degree or a change of subject can be neglected, when there are unfavorable conditions due to an higher subject semester.

Since the situation depends very much on the study history of the individual, we advise in any case to consult the program coordination as soon as a change of degree or a double degree program is considered.