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Würzburg Institute of Systems Immunology


About us

The Max Planck Research Group investigates the interaction of the immune system with the organism, in particular the interaction of different cells of the immune system in local networks and with cells of other organ systems.

Research objectives

We investigate the migration of leukocytes between and within organs, and investigate where and how cells of the immune system interact to achieve an effective immune response or to prevent inflammatory disease processes. The group is also investigating lymphocytes that permanently settle in different tissues and specialise in the requirements of their environment. These "local defense forces" also play a role in the regeneration of organs or the regulation of metabolic processes, for example. Using intravital multiphoton microscopy, we were recently able to clarify the early cellular events during the adaptive immune response to a virus infection. Our research group is developing new genetic tools that allow us to visualise a wide variety of specific cell types and to test their function. The goal is to understand the basic principles for a successful immune response against infectious agents and tumors and to use them therapeutically.