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Metabolism and Immune Cell Signalling (Vaeth Lab)

A major challenge for the immune system is the discrimination between ‘self’ tissue and ‘non-self’ antigens that are associated with pathogens or transformed cells. Immunological tolerance is the fine but flexible balance between effective destruction of infected or malignant cells and the protection of the body’s own healthy tissue. Dysregulation of this equilibrium can result in severe immunological pathologies ranging from immunodeficiency to autoimmunity.

Our laboratory investigates the control of different lymphocyte populations at the molecular level to understand their regulation during complex immune reactions. In addition to signal transduction (e.g. by Ca2+ ions) and the control of gene expression in immune cells (e.g. by transcription factors of the NFAT family), we are especially interested in the metabolic regulation of immune cells during infection and cancer. A deeper understanding of the regulatory circuits in different immune cells promises novel avenues for the development of advanced immunotherapies for the treatment of autoimmunity and cancer.

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Selected Articles

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Selected Review Articles


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