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Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

IZKF Project funding

The IZKF Würzburg continuously funds about 20-30 projects in different focus areas within the scientific focus of the Medical Faculty of the University of Würzburg.

Interdisciplinarity between clinical research and basic biomedical research is madatory for funding.

Funding objectives

  • The project funding aims at strengthening clinical research with a special focus on the interdisciplinarity between clinical research and basic biomedical research.
    Funding is granted according to the guidelines of the IZKF and thus serves to strengthen the inter-connection and advancement of the major scientific topics of the Medical Faculty.
  • Funding is provided for interdisciplinary, high quality and innovative research projects that can be expected to be transferred to external third party funding.
  • As a rule, these are cooperation projects between clinical researchers and basic biomedical scientists.


Eligible to apply are postdoctoral researchers

  • of the Würzburg University Hospital (budget 1518) and
  • of the University of Würzburg (budget 1517), but only in collaboration with applicants from the University Hospital. 

In general, two to max. three applicants from at least two different institutions submit an application (a sole application is not possible!). If you plan to admit further applicants, please contact the IZKF-office. The programme is particularly aimed at researchers who do not yet hold a chair.  We recommend that department chairs serve as mentors in the proposal.

  1. Employees who are financed by third-party funds can submit an application in certain cases after considering the individual requirements. Please contact the IZKF office!
  2. The number of proposals per applicant is limited to a maximum of two proposals. Within the IZKF project funding, you can have max. two projects that are funded at the same time
  3. In order to increase the number of women in our project funding, we highly encourage the participation of female scientists

You can submit your proposal from March 4th until April 8th 2024 via the IZKF-application platform OPI:

Obligatory information for the application process can be found in the "Information IZKF-Application". Proposals that do not meet the formal requirements cannot be forwarded to the review process.

You will need the following documents for you proposal:

24_Annex_1_Project description

24_Annex_2_ Funding

24_Annex_3_CV_IZKF_based on DFG form_en 

24_Annex_4_Third party funding 

24_Annex_5_ Project declaration  

The review process at the IZKF has two stages:

1st stage: Internal review process

  • The applicants submit a project proposal.
  • The proposal is evaluated by experts from the University Hospital and the University of Würzburg for eligibility. 
  • Based on these evaluations, the IZKF board pre-selects proposals for the external review. Applicants are invited to present their proposals in person during the External Evaluation (October 24, 2024).


  1. Originality
  2. Project maturity (overall concept, risk management, data management and biometrics, if applicable)
  3. Expertise (preliminary work, methodological expertise, general expertise)
  4. Interdisciplinarity 
  5. Adequacy of the requested funds
  6. Maturity with regard to third party funding and chances of obtaining third party funding
  7. If applicable, review of the success of previous IZKF grants


2nd stage: External evaluation

  • The pre-selected proposals are forwarded to the IZKFs External Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB). The Board members are invited to Würzburg to review the proposals on site.
  • The ESAB recommends projects for funding. The IZKF Executive Board makes the final decision according to the available funds. Negative votes of the ESAB are binding for the Executive Board.

A list of all currently funded projects can be found  here.