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    Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

    Symposium 2022

    International Else Kröner Symposium of the Research College TWINSIGHT "Translational Immunology-From Target to Therapy VII"

    Coordinator in charge:
    Prof. Dr. med. Bastian Schilling,
     Clinic and Polyclinic for Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology, University Hospital Würzburg, Tel. +49 931 201-26779,  schilling_b@ukw.de


    Administration and organisation:
    Dr. Susanne Nuber, Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research (IZKF) Würzburg,
    Phone +49 931 201-56456, e-mail: Nuber_S1@ukw.de

    Impressions of the 1st Symposium of the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Research College TWINISGHT

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    The final agenda for the international Else Kröner Symposium of the TWINSIGHT Research College is available here.

    You can get a small foretaste of our accompanying musical programme here.


    • Lukas Flatz (Tübingen, Germany)
    • Dirk Schadendorf (Essen, Germany)
    • Daniela Thommen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Tanja de Gruijl (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Ignacio Melero Bermejo (Navarra, Spain)
    • Tobias Bald (Bonn, Germany)
    • Emmanuel Saliba (Würzburg, Germany)
    • Percy Knolle (München, Germany)
    • Marco Donia (Kopenhagen, Denmark)
    • Claudio Mussolino (Freiburg, Germany)
    • Klaus Pantel (Hamburg, Germany)
    • Patrick Harter (Frankfurt a.M., Germany)
    • Robert Schröder (Köln, Germany)
    • Patrizia Stoitzner (Insbruck, Austria)
    • Andrea Tüttenberg (Mainz, Germany)
    • Nicky McGranaham (London, UK)

    • Janina Marißen (TWINSIGHT-College Würzburg)
    • Géraldine Engels (TWINSIGHT-College Würzburg)
    • Patrick Schummer (TWINSIGHT-College Würzburg)
    • Valerie Glutsch (TWINSIGHT-College Würzburg)
    • IZKF Würzburg
    • Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation