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Quality control

The quality of DNA and RNA is a critical factor in the success of many experiments, including high-throughput sequencing.Our facility offers services relevant to sequencing library construction, as well as general DNA/RNA quality assessment.

Quantification of DNA/RNA using Invitrogen's Qubit 3.0 or Qubit Flex fluorometer.

DNA/RNA quality control using the Agilent Fragment Analyzer 5200.
The Fragment Analyzer is a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument and provides measurements of both sample size (bp or nt) and concentration. It can hold up to three, 96-well plates allowing high-throuhput processing. We offer RNA nano and DNA nano assays as well as High Sensitivity RNA pico and DNA pico assays.

DNA/RNA quality control using the Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer.
The BioAnalyzer provides DNA/RNA fragment size distribution information as well as concentration within a specifiable range.
We offer RNA 6000 Pico, RNA 6000 Nano, DNA 1000, and DNA High Sensitivity assays to visualize samples quickly and accurately.