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Core Unit Systems Medicine

Functional genomics and transcriptomics

Our facility provides access to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies for molecular high-throughput investigations of RNA and DNA:

RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq for Gene Expression- and Trancriptome Analysis)

  • mRNA-Sequencing with Oligo-dT-capture beads (Eukaryotes)
  • total RNA-Sequencing with Random Primer
  • total RNA-Sequencing after Depletion of Globin-mRNA or rRNA (Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes)
  • small RNA-Sequencing, i.a. for bacterial transcriptomes
  • Dual-RNA-Sequencing of Prokaryote- and Eukaryote-RNA (human, mouse)

Whole-Genome-Sequencing (WGS), i.a. bacterial and viral genomes

Amplicon-Seq (targeted sequencing of PCR-Amplicons, e.g., with Phase-Shift-Primer)

RIP-Sequencing (RIP-Seq – analysis of protein interactions with RNA)

CLIP-Sequencing (CLIP-Seq – analysis of protein interactions with RNA-binding motives after UV-cross-lining)

Examples of publications:

Karikari AA, McFleder RL, Ribechini E, et al. Neurodegeneration by α-synuclein-specific T cells in AAV-A53T-α-synuclein Parkinson’s disease mice. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 2022;101:194-210.

Campa AR, Smith LM, Hampton HG, et al. The Rsm (Csr) post-transcriptional regulatory pathway coordinately controls multiple CRISPR-Cas immune systems. Nucleic Acids Res. 2021;49(16):9508-9525.