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Core Unit Systems Medicine

Quality control

Qubit Flex (Thermo Fischer)

  • Measures up to eight samples simultaneously
  • Minimizes assay variability
  • High sensitivity
  • Used fluorescent dyes emit signals only when bound to specific targets, minimizing the effects of contaminants, including degraded DNA or RNA
  • Significantly more sensitive than UV absorption

Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent)

  • Automated electrophoresis based on microfluidics
  • Greatly reduced sample (1 µL for nucleic acids) and reagent consumption
  • Determination of size, quantification, integrity and purity of DNA and RNA

Fragment Analyzer 5200 (Agilent)

  • Parallel automated capillary electrophoresis (12-capillary setup)
  • Low sample concentration needed
  • Clean results with separation resolution down to 3 bp for fragments 300 bp and less