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RIP-seq Beispiel

RsmA binds to type I cas mRNAs.

Rsm (regulator of secondary metabolism) (A) Western blot of Co-IP samples from WT and RsmA-3xFLAG strains using an anti-FLAG antibody confirms that RsmA-3xFLAG has been purified from the tagged strain. Samples were loaded per the OD600 of Serratia as indicated with GroEL used as control. C = culture protein, L = lysate, SN1 = supernatant 1, SN2 = supernatant 2, W = wash and E = elution fractions. (B) The relative proportions of RNA-seq reads of different RNA classes in the WT and RsmA-3xFLAG Co-IP libraries. RNA-seq reads mapping to the (C) type I-E, (D) type I-F and (E) type III-A CRISPR–Cas regions for the WT control (grey) and RsmA-3xFLAG Co-IP (green). Replicate 1 (R1) samples are shown for the top strand (no significant enrichment was observed on the bottom strand). Zoomed in regions show the predicted binding motif (red) with flanking nucleotides (black). (F) RsmA-binding motif predicted by MEME. See original publication.