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Core Unit Systems Medicine

Advanced data analysis

Take advantage of all the opportunities your data offers with a range of advanced analyses. We go beyond standard analysis methods to help you understand and evaluate the results of your research. To ensure accurate and meaningful results, we recommend careful planning of experiments from the initial stages.

Find out more about our customized analysis options:

Reveal RNA modifications with high accuracy and sensitivity.

Explore RNA-protein interactions in bacterial systems.

Investigate RNA-protein binding sites in bacteria.

Gain insights into RNA-RNA interactions in bacterial genomes.

Bacteria: Analyze complete bacterial genomes to decipher their complexity.

Discover functional enrichment and analyze signaling pathways.

Predict binding sites for transcription factors.
Analyse peaks from ChiP-Seq projects through motif analysis or investigate interactions with other genomic elements.

Transform data into engaging visuals for better comprehension.

With our advanced analysis, you can access the depths of your research and gain a deeper understanding of your data. Let us help you take your research to the next level.