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    Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

    Linking Clinic with Research

    Project start

    The start of the project is not strictly specified, so that the rotation into the research laboratory can take place at a time that can be chosen to suit the clinical training. Due to the fact that the Else-Kröner Fellows are allowed to choose the host laboratory themselves, the project leaders must take sufficient account of the specific needs.


    Focus seminars

    In addition to weekly (guest) lectures, the three-year training program offers seminars with a special focus on relevant topics (statistics, bioinformatics, methods, literature, special immunology, applied immunology, study design, biobanking, bioethics, etc.).


    Mentoring committee

    The Fellows work together with the mentoring committee to develop an individual program that allows the 12-month research project to be optimally coordinated with the clinical training. Since this commission is made up of a scientist, a physician and the director of the clinic, both clinical and scientific needs can be adequately considered. An external mentor should accompany the personal career development of the fellows without having to consider conflicts of interest with the faculty or the supervisory committee.



    The individual overall programme of each Fellows is submitted to the Research College and discussed. The recommendation for the individual implementation of the programme is made by the Board of Directors of the Research College.



    On request, the rotation to the research laboratory or the collaboration in a clinical study can also be divided into several shorter time intervals, which together guarantee a 12-month protected research period. Flexible individual rotation schemes or tandem programs have already proven themselves at the IZKF.


    Doctoral theses

    The assignment of experimental medical doctoral theses by the fellows is expressly supported, as this can make a considerable contribution to the continuation of scientific projects during clinical rotation.


    Applications for third-party funding

    As a perspective, achieved research results may be implemented in third-party funding applications. For this purpose, the IZKF First Application Programme  is the first choice, but the Clinical Internal Department 3.4 Research Funding Management (FoMM) also supports applications to external funding organisations. This should enable successful fellows to set up their own research groups.