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Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

Career development and mentoring


The IZKF acts as the central mentoring contact point for the Else-Kröner Fellows, whereby the mentoring at the Else-Kröner Research College is implemented in close cooperation with the existing mentoring programmes in Würzburg. 
The "matching" of suitable mentors is carried out by the IZKF in coordination with the coordinators and the fellows. As a matter of principle, care is taken to ensure that there is no relationship of dependence whatsoever between mentee and mentor. Therefore, both should work at different clinics or institutes if possible. Experienced Clinician Scientists who are not employed at the University of Würzburg can also act as mentors.


In order to optimise individual career opportunities, the Fellows should be supported by their mentors in setting up their respective networks, but should also be included in existing networks. Career perspectives as well as models for (further) career planning are developed jointly.  Vocational social skills are to be promoted through further training and qualification programmes, and coping strategies for challenges in professional and private life are to be learned. This is intended to support the Fellows in successfully mastering the daily challenges of everyday life at universities and hospitals.