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    Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

    About us

    The Else-Kröner Research College Würzburg - Overview

    Our approach

    Numerous clinical patterns of the classical medical disciplines are decisively influenced by (mal)functions of the immune system. Therefore, improved networking of basic immunological research with clinical translation is an important requirement for innovative therapeutic approaches. An improved immunological education of young physicians should not be limited to the studies themselves, but should also be promoted within clinical further education.



    Design and structure

    Our goals

    The aim of the Else-Kröner Research College "Immunocontrol" is to provide a structured, clinical and science-oriented education in the field of immunology. The link between basic immunological research and translational conversion is to be strengthened by exemplarily demonstrating all steps from the identification of suitable target structures to the first clinical application to patients within the framework of the research college.


    Our approach

    The Else-Kröner Research College Würzburg will consider the necessity of patient-specific personalization with regard to many immunotherapies. As regulation mechanisms of the immune system are responsible for an inadequate immune function in cancer and infectious diseases. These mechanisms may also be suitable for attenuating excessive immune reactions in allergies, autoimmune reactions and rejection reactions. 
    Therefore, the Else-Kröner Research College also seems likely to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation in the long term and to promote the transfer (often possible in the field of immunotherapy) of therapeutic approaches for new indications in other contexts.