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Lehrstuhl für Orthopädie und Lehrstuhl für Regeneration Muskuloskelettaler Gewebe


  • D.Docheva
    Member of Advisory Board
    "Studienzentrums DGU/AUC"
  • D. Docheva
    Member of International Advisory Board
    ”Strategic Research and Innovations Program”
    Medical University – Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • D. Docheva
    European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS)
    2020-2022 Past-President
    2018-2020 President
    2017 President of the 25th Annual & Anniversary EORS Meeting (Munich)
    2016-2018 Vice-President
  • D. Docheva
    International Combined Orthopaedic Research Society (ICORS)
    2018-2022 Member of the Steering Committee
  • D. Docheva
    Musculoskeletal Regeneration Network (MR-Net) of the Basic Research Section of the DGOU
    2013-2019 Vice-Chair

  • Travel and Training CA21110 NetwOArk Award to Viviana Reyes (PhD Student of D. Docheva) to visit the Articular Cartilage Engineering Training chool 2023 (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • SFB/TRR225 Research Travel Award for Kirill Kriukov (PhD student of R. Ebert) to visit the Biofabrication 2023 conference (Saskatoon, Canada)
  • Thieme Osteology Award 2022 for the publication "Epigenetics and Noncoding RNA - Principles and Clinical Impact" (Authors: U. Kornak, R. Ebert, H. Taipaleenmäki, E. Hesse, F. Jakob)
  • ON/ICORS Education Grants (Travel Award) for Theresia Stich (PhD Student of D. Docheva at University Clinic, Regensburg) to visit the World Congress of Orthopaedic Research by ICORS 2022 (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Winner of the Front Cover Photo Contest of the New Edition of the Book (expected 2023) “Tendon Regeneration: Understanding Tissue Physiology and Development to Engineer Function Substitutes”, Elsevier D. Docheva & M. Delgado Caceres (PhD Student of D. Docheva at University Clinic, Regensburg), Final ACHILLES Conference 2022 (Guimarães, Portugal)
  • Young Scientist Travel Award for Stephan Altmann (PhD student of R. Ebert) to visit the European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing 2019 (Linz, Austria)
  • Best Question Award for Martin Kuric (PhD student of R. Ebert) at the MuSkITYRs Symposium 2019 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • SFB/TRR225 Research Travel Award for Stephan Altmann (PhD student of R. Ebert) to visit the 30th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials 2019 (Dresden, Germany)