Planetare Gesundheit

PH Education Toolbox

Planetary Health Education has expanded rapidly around the globe with various courses, webinars and academic initiatives. The SOPHEA project strives to support Planetary Health Education (PHE) and research in the East African region, but also beyond, by compiling contextually relevant learning and teaching materials such as presentations, lecture recordings, case studies, course outlines and others. We aim to enable learners and teachers to implement PHE in their faculty by providing guidance, blueprints, frameworks and materials to develop their own PH curriculum, integrate PH into existing lectures or enhance their knowledge through self-study.

By registering to  OpenWueCampus, a free online education platform, you will have access to the SOPHEA PHE Toolbox and the open source materials and guides it contains on Planetary Health with a particular focus on East Africa.

The Toolbox contains different categories on PH and within each category you will find supporting material such as slides, videos and others. Each sub-category also contains a selection of topic-specific case studies showcasing transformative examples of mitigation and adaptation. 

We welcome the submission of additional material, new case studies and of course your feedback.


How to access the SOPHEA PHE Toolbox:

In order to sign in to “OpenWueCampus”, a Moodle-based platform of the university of Würzburg you need to register using this link (you can change the language setting to English in the upper right corner)

Make sure to confirm your registration by clicking on the link you will receive via email, this is necessary to complete the registration.

Then use the search function to find the „Planetary Health Education Toolbox - SOPHEA“ and access it.