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    Chair of orthopedic


    The Osteology Team is running a specialized outpatient clinic and a series of clinical studies dealing with bone diseases like osteoporosis, renal osteopathy, metastatic bone disease and also Paget´s disease of bone, Fibrous Dysplasia and other rare bone diseases. The objectives of work in experimental and clinical osteology are

    • education and training of young colleagues and advanced orthopedic surgeons to achieve a degree of specialization in osteology (“Osteologe DVO”)
    • translational clinical research in close cooperation with experimental projects, e.g. the clinical evaluation of serum growth factors in bone healing and studies on phosphate metabolism
    • to run clinical studies on bone diseases like osteoporosis and Paget´s Disease of bone, and
    • to establish and to be active part of a network of competence at the University of Würzburg and beyond in cooperation with local primary care and specialized practice and regional rehabilitation centers.


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    Study Nurse

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