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    Universal prevention addressing lifestyle and exercise-based interventions in children to reduce obesity and improve physical fitness

    Indicated prevention based on diets and probiotics in vulnerable children

    Universal school-based prevention of

    Indicated prevention

    Universal, selective and indicated prevention programs addressing child abuse and maltreatment, including e-learning platforms

    Indicated prevention of mental health impairments in the transition from adolescence into adulthood (EU-MILESTONE)

    Indicated prevention programs addressing

    • cardiopulmonary exercise training to improve the outcome in patients with cystic fibrosis (ACTIVATE-CF)
    • pulmonary function in preterm infants by surfactant prophylaxis (ProLISA)
    • hygienic interventions to prevent third-line antibiotic use in preterm children (BMBF-2MRGNProtect)
    • red blood cell transfusions in preterm infants (DFG-ETTNO)

    Selective prevention measures in institutions for children with intellectual disability to reduce coercive measures and institutionalized violence

    Universal, selective and indicated prevention of iatrogenic effects from off-label psychopharmacology by building up a National Competence Network for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, as well as a national registry for adverse events in off-label use (BfArM-TDM-VIGIL), and by exploring the usefulness of an evidence-based digital information tool (GBA-KIDsafe)

    Indicated internet-based psychosocial prevention in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD): ICD-FORUM

    Early intervention in dementia by identification of predictive risk patterns

    Promoting resilience in pain-processing