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    Characterization and functional study of a cluster of four highly conserved orphan adhesion-GPCR in mouse


    Prömel S, Waller-Evans H, Dixon J, Zahn D, Colledge WH, Doran J, Carlton MBL, Grosse J, Schöneberg T, Russ AP, Langenhan T (2012)

    Dev Dyn 241:1591-1602

    We have studied evolution, expression and function of an entire receptor group containing four uncharacterized aGPCR: Gpr110, Gpr111, Gpr115 and Gpr116. We show that the genomic loci of these four receptors are clustered tightly together in mouse and human genomes and that this cluster likely derives from a single common ancestor gene. Using transcriptional profiling on wildtype and knockout/LacZ reporter knockin mice strains, we have obtained detailed expression maps that show ubiquitous expression of Gpr116, co-expression of Gpr111 and Gpr115 in developing skin, and expression of Gpr110 in adult kidney. Loss of Gpr110, Gpr111 or Gpr115 function did not result in detectable defects indicating that genes of this aGPCR group might function redundantly.

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