English Intern

The Mildred-Scheel Center for Cancer Research is one of five centers in Germany that were initiated by a grant from the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) in July 2018. The aim of these centers is to provide optimal conditions for young researchers from both life and medical sciences to do independent research in molecular oncology.

The scientific aim of the center is to understand driving mechanisms of tumor initiation, development and maintenance and to identify new approaches for tumor therapy. Major questions that we will address are, for example, how the deregulation of transcription and of protein homoeostasis contribute to tumor development and how oncogenic mutations shape the interaction of tumor cells with the immune system of the host. We are particularly interested in finding new chemical-biological approaches to control tumor growth and to reactivate the host immune system.

The MSNZ is a joint center of the University of Würzburg and the University Hospital. It is localized in the immediate vicinity of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC Mainfranken) and the Max-Planck Research Group Systems Immunology. Initially, the center will house four independent research groups as well as several joint projects from both clinical and life science researchers.

Participating Research Groups