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    May 2019

    Exciting times for the group, new team members - new rooms

    After having been guests in the laboratories of the Orthopedic Center for Musculoskeltal Research for the past 2 years (a big thank you to the group for their hospitality), we have now moved to new rooms, where we closely collaborate with the Chair for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM), also here a big thank you for the warm welcome! At the same time 3 new team members started their theses in the group. Welcome to Janek Harder (MD Student), Jasmin Batani (B.Sc. Student) and Alexandra Maag (B.Sc. Student)!

    May 2019

    Marietta Herrmann elected as chair of the MuSkiTYR, www.MuSkITYR.com, @MuSkITYR
    One year after founding, the MuSkiTYR (MusculoSkeletal Interdisciplinary Translational Young Researchers) voted for new chair persons to take the lead in further shaping this young organization. Together with Felix Schmidt (Hamburg, co-chair), Marietta Herrmann will now take lead in running the network and organizing their acitivities.


    Poster Price for the group @Osteologie 2019 in Frankfurt
    At the annual Osteologie meeting we won the DVO Poster Price for our collaborative work with the AO Foundation Research Institut Davos. We are very grateful for this award and the great feedback!
    Title: Evaluation of Preclinical Models for Testing of Bone Tissue Engineered Constructs - Need for Optimization
    Authors: Stephan Zeiter, Kim Koschitzki, Mauro Alini, Maximilian Rudert, Marietta Herrmann


    Poster Price for the group @DKOU 2018 in Berlin
    MD student Maximilian Leucht (kindly supported by a student travel fellowship from DKOU) and Marietta Herrmann attended the annual DKOU meeting. As highlight of a successful meeting at the interface of science and clinics in Orthopedics & Trauma we were awarded a price for the best experimental poster! A great reward for great teamwork of the whole group!


    External Audit IZKF Würzburg
    Drenka Trivanović and Rita Pereira presented the research focus of the group during the external audit of the IZKF.


    EUREKA! 2018
    Rita Pereira did not only present her work, but was also part of the organization committee of the international symposium of the Graduate School of Life Sciences in Würzburg.


    Future Investigators of Regenerative Medicine (FIRM) Symposium
    Rita Pereira joined this great symposium organized by young researchers in Girona, Spain and presented her work “Natural-derived in vitro models to study the physical-chemical dynamics of bone healing” as oral and poster presentation.


    Annual Meeting of the German Stem Cell Network (GSCN)
    Drenka Trivanović and Marietta Herrmann attended this year’s meeting of the GSCN in Heidelberg with lots of brilliant science. Drenka presented a poster with the title “Hematoma components orchestrate immunomodulatory effects of human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells”.


    Travel grant for Drenka Trivanović!
    We are happy to announce that Drenka Trivanović received a travel grant from Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds to support her training in in vivo methods at the AO Research Institute Davos, Switzerland.


    Our group attended this year`s IZKF Retreat at lovely Kloster Banz. Next to plenty of networking opportunities with other IZKF members, we contributed a poster entitled “Mesenchymal stromal cells in in 3D culture systems: Insights into immunomodulatory activities” presented by Drenka Trivanović.


    During this year`s ECTS conference Marietta Herrmann was introduced as a new member of the ECTS Academy
    The ECTS Academy has be founded as a daughter society of the ECTS. The concept follows the model of interdisciplinary Young Academies: young researchers self-organise their society to foster personal contact and networking among the most talented young scientists. To learn more about the activities of the Academy follow us on twitter @AcademyEcts.


    The first abstract from our group was accepted for poster presentation at this year’s DKOU in Berlin (23.10.-26.10.2018).
    Title: The bone marrow microenvironment in patients undergoing hip endoprosthesis surgery due to coxarthrosis or femoral neck necrosis
    Authors: Marietta Herrmann (presenting), Boris Holzapfel, Theresa Kreuzahler, Maximilian Rudert, Drenka Trivanović


    Maximilian Leucht joined our group as MD student. His thesis will focus on the bone marrow microenvironment related to degenerative diseases of the femoral neck.


    Our group is in the spotlight of the recent IZKF Newsletter.