Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

Submission details

All participants are kindly invited to present their own work in a poster at the conference. In order to be considered for presentation, abstracts must follow the guidelines outlined below.

Deadline for abstract submission: Juni 10th, 2019

Abstracts must be sent to else-kroener@ukw.de, organising committee

Abstract selection:

The symposium organizing committee will select among submitted abstracts for poster exhibition. All accepted abstracts will be included in the proceedings of the symposium. The authors will be notified on the success of their application by email.

Guidelines for abstracts:

Abstract length is limited to 300 words (excluding title, authors´ names and affiliations and acknowledgements). An abstract must be complete in all its parts and include the following:

  • Title (please avoid abbreviations), authors first names and affiliations
  • If applicable: acknowledgement and disclosure regarding potential conflicts of interest at the end
  • Formatting: Font: Arial, 11 - point, Text: double-spaced

Tips for writing an unstructered abstract: In general, unstructured abstracts should cover four areas:

  1. An introduction presenting the overall purpose of the study and a summary of the question(s) being addressed.
  2. A brief but complete summary of the basic procedures used, including the selection of subjects and the observational and analytical methodology.
  3. A brief presentation of the main findings including data, indications of statistical significance and of their interpretation.
  4. An indication of the major clinical and/or research implications which highlights any new and important conclusions.

Authors are encouraged to include a statement that describes the potential translational impact of the study results.