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Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Klinische Forschung

INTERACT-Advanced Clinician Scientist Program

Specialist and senior clinicians working in research, patient care and teaching have a key function for the performance and further development of the health and research system. For these clinicians, the compatibility of scientific work and patient care often proves to be problematic.

Inspired by the recent DFG recommendations for measures to support science interested clinicians also after their board certification (i. e. “Ober- und Fachärzte/innen”), the Medical Faculty successfully established a first advanced program for clinician scientists as a thematically open pilot project within the IZKF in 2019.

The  first IZKF Advanced Clinician Scientists successfully started the program in July 2020.


The objective of the program is to foster the scientific and clinic developement established clinicians, and thereby provide the qualification for a long-term senior position in university medicine.

In addition, the program will strengthen the responsibilities of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital in the following areas:

  • specialized patient care
  • disease and patient-oriented research as well as health care research
  • quality assurance of biomedical and particularly translational research
  • promotion of international cooperations
  • development of research-oriented teaching

Advanced Clinician Scientists are expected to:

  • train and mentor young scientists in their own working group (students, doctoral students and postdocs in human medicine and life sciences), and serve as role models and mentors in clinician scientist programs
  • participate in graduate colleges, graduate schools or research associations


Applications are open to clinically active specialists and senior clinicians, up to W1 position. A habilitation is not mandatory.

The application requirements are in detail:

  • Outstanding scientific qualification and experience in teaching, proven by
  1. At least one external project-related third-party funding acquisition (usually at least 2-fold LOM-weighted, peer-reviewed)
  2. Proof of mentorship in the scientific field: doctorates, bachelor's and master's theses
  • Letter of support from the clinic director with concept of scientific AND clinical further development with intended specialization (signed by both the clinic director and the applicant)
  • Desirable: participation in faculty mentoring programs (as mentor), involvement in supervision within graduate programs (e.g. GSLS). 


  • Funding of protected research time (30%-50% TV-Ä2 or Ä3, depending on the clinical specialization and scientific training concept)
  • Centrally available travel funds
  • Assistant staff and equipment must be financed from external funds or the clinic budget
  • Individual training program

Applicant hospital's own contribution:

  • 50%-70% funding of the clinical part depending on the application, if necessary with additional services and contracts.
  • Equipment (material, laboratory, investments and personnel, depending on the project, but at least 6,000 €/year) must be provided from the clinic's research funds. The equipment for the Advanced Clinician Scientists must be described in this context.

AdvCSs are expected to develop and implement design spaces in the creative exchange of experiences as a peer group in the Integrative Clinician Scientist College (ICSC). This includes, but is not limited to

  • defining core competencies and continuing education modules for their own target group (e.g., individual coaching)
  • engaging in mentoring and serving as role models for Clinician Scientists.
  • strengthening internal and external networking within the ICSC.

In addition, one expects visible engagement in one's own field, e.g., through participation in professional societies or bodies of the research organization.

1. For the application, the following documents must be submitted:

  • the application form including an outline of the research project in English or German language
  • an overview of the requested budgets
  • curriculum vitae including max. 10 (!) of your most important publications (download template or own CV)
  • Certificates (state examination, specialist certificate, doctoral certificate, habilitation certificate, if applicable)
  • Declaration of commitment

2. Documents required after the start of the program:

  • Agreement on objectives: Concept for scientific and clinical development as well as implementation plan for the research-guaranteed periods, jointly developed and signed by both the applicant and the clinic director.

Applicants are selected in a transparent and competitive selection process.

Selection criteria include:

  • Outstanding scientific qualification
  • continuous and with own profile
  • Experience in teaching and mentoring
  • Innovative, competitive and scientifically excellent research project
  • Feasibility of long-term establishment as a clinician scientist

The Integrative Clinician Scientist College

The ICSC Würzburg offers an umbrella structure with uniform framework conditions as well as training and networking opportunities for all (Advanced) Clinician Scientists at the Medical Faculty of Würzburg.