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Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry


Breast cancer is the most common tumour disease for women in Germany. Annually about 70.000 women are newly diagnosed in Germany and every 4th diagnosis is advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

For the therapy of metastatic breast cancer clinical guidelines with evidence-based recommendations exist where treating physicians can find guidance on effective therapy to offer their patients.

Despite evidence-based guidelines, there are still treatment decisions that differ from those recommendations. Studies based on patients with primary breast cancer found that one reason for this discrepancy can be due to patient’s age, the specialisation of the physician (gynecologist, oncologist or general practitioner or the urban or rural area). Nevertheless, information on patients with advanced or metastatic disease is missing. Therefore, the BRE-4-MED registry seeks to establish a reliable information source of the treatment of these patients.

In addition, BRE-4-MED is a survey of patients‘ and their relatives‘ needs at different phases of the disease. These information can help to identify changes e. g. in quality of life at different treatment stages and if it is still adequate for each treatment course.

Findings of the BRE-4-MED registry will be used to develop health care concepts satisfying the needs of the patients. Finally, based on the registry, resources (e. g. a supportive programs) focused on the needs of patients and their relatives with advanced or metastatic disease can be provided.