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Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry

Prospective cohort study on obesity and heart failure

Prospective Cohort Study on Obesity and Heart Failure

Coordination: Christian Jurowich (Chirurgie), Dirk Weismann (Endokrinologie), Silke Wiedmann (IKE-B)  
Project-Funding: BMBF/DLR, DZHI Start-up Projekt
Status: closed

Morbid obesity is causally associated with diastolic as well as systolic heart failure, whereby bariatric surgery reduces cardiovascular mortality. The link between morbid obesity and the onset or influence on an existing heart failure is poorly understood. The objective of the prospective cohort study is the detailed cardiovascular characterization of all patients who are treated at the Obesity Center, as well as the initiation of a long-term follow up to describe the natural course of cardiac function after bariatric surgery and to identify its determinants. The results of the study could for example contribute to the pre-operative identification of non-responders who would not appropriately benefit from bariatric surgery, or would need a modified therapy in aftercare.