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    AG Gaubatz

    Stefan Gaubatz: Cell Cycle


    The interest of our laboratory is to elucidate how growth and proliferation controls are disrupted in cancer. Our research focuses on the molecular function of the mammalian DREAM complex and its target genes. DREAM together with the transcription factor B-MYB functions as a master regulator of genes required for mitosis and cytokinesis. We use biochemical and genetic methods in our studies.

    Recent Publications

    Kumari, G., Ulrich, T., & Gaubatz, S. (2013). A role for p38 in transcriptional elongation of p21CIP1 in response to Aurora B inhibition. Cell Cycle, 12:2051-60

    Wolter, P., Schmitt, K., Fackler, M., Kremling, H., Probst, L., Hauser, S., et al. (2012). GAS2L3, a target gene of the DREAM complex, is required for proper cytokinesis and genomic stability. J Cell Sci, 125: 2393–2406.

    Hauser, S., Ulrich, T., Wurster, S., Schmitt, K., Reichert, N., & Gaubatz, S. (2012). Loss of LIN9, a member of the DREAM complex, cooperates with SV40 large T antigen to induce genomic instability and anchorage-independent growth. Oncogene, 31: 1859–1868

    Mannefeld, M., Klassen, E., & Gaubatz, S. (2009). B-MYB is required for recovery from the DNA damage-induced G2 checkpoint in p53 mutant cells. Cancer Research, 69:4073–4080

    Osterloh, L., Eyss, von, B., Schmit, F., Rein, L., Hübner, D., Samans, B., et al. (2007). The human synMuv-like protein LIN-9 is required for transcription of G2/M genes and for entry into mitosis. EMBO J, 26: 144–157.