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    Research group cardiac MRI and biphysics

    Welcome at the research group cardiac MRI and Biphysics

    upper left: Wacker C, Bauer WR, Research in Clinical Cardiology 2007; upper right: Streif J et al, MRM 2005; middle: Herold V et al, MRM 2009; bottom: Klug G et al, Frontiers in Bioscience 2009

    The interdisciplinary team Cardiac Imaging and Biophysics was set up during the incipient phase of studies concerning Cardio MR-imaging techniques. The purpose was to design techniques suitable to attain morphological and functional information about the cardio-vascular system.

    The team of specialists in physics, medicine and biology (University Wuerzburg, Experimental Physics V; University Hospital Wuerzburg, The Magnetic Resonance Research, Application & Education Center (MRB)) initiated their cooperation in 1993 and fairly soon were successful, establishing the fast and high resolution cardiac imaging, the evaluation of the cardiac muscle perfusion without the help of contrast agents, the measurement of the intracapillary volume and a technique for characterization of the microcirculation and the microstructures of the cardiac tissue, using a susceptibility sensible T2* or BOLD (Blood oxygenation dependent) technique.

    The resulting techniques were used for investigating cardiovascular patho-physiology, for example, referring to cardiac insufficiency.

    Today, the research group has built an impressive publication list and various patents.



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