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    Research group cardiac MRI and biphysics

    Electrotherapy inside the MRI

    Interventional therapy of cardiac arrhythmia

    Since 2009 this group of collaborators concentrates all efforts to realize and establish the interventional therapy of arrthythmias with the guidance of real time MRI. Arrhythmias can often be treated with the localized ablation of the cardiac tissue that causes the disorder. Up to date, the positioning of the catheter within the heart is realized with the guidance of x-rays. However, due to the nature of x-rays the information about the exact location of the catheter in the structure of the heart is unsatisfactory. A MR scanner provides a much better imaging of the catheter location and additionally, the application of x-rays can be avoided with all their possibly harmful impact on patient and physician. The studies in this branch of research are based on a co-operation with


    , and are sponsored by the 

    Bavarian Research Foundation (BFS)


    Since 2003 a group of collaborators worked on electrotherapy in MR scanners. Considering the increasing numbers of patients with electrical implants the problem arises how to provide for them the increasingly established and highly beneficial diagnostic method of MRI. The mutual interference of MR-fields with implanted devices such as pace makers and their electrodes which constitutes a risk for the patient constitutes as the main delimiting factor. The Bavarian Research Foundation (BFS) sponsored a co-operation with BIOTRONIK Ltd. to find solutions that furthered the development of pace makers that allow such patients to enjoy the benefits of MR as long as certain precautions are observed.